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Pascal Pinon consists of twins Ásthildur & Jófríður from Reykjavík, Iceland. Together they play low-fi indie acoustic pop in their bedroom. Welcome to this little blog with various things, interesting and not so interesting at all.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

a little update

i thought i'd give a little update, just for the fun of it.
so all the recordings we have been doing at home aren't going to be published. we are sorry for that. we have decided to record the sophomore album with alex somers, as producer, in his home studio. we recorded a few demos with him last weekend and they sounded excellent so that is something to look forward to! unfortunately it won't be out until next year, summer or fall. i hope you all can cope, even if it's a long time. we promise it's going to be worth it! instead we have decided to be better at blogging and touring and posting more videos. also we have a website under construction; pascalpinon.com (how cool is that!?)
until next time,
lots of love
jófríður (and ásthildur who is with you in mind)