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Pascal Pinon consists of twins Ásthildur & Jófríður from Reykjavík, Iceland. Together they play low-fi indie acoustic pop in their bedroom. Welcome to this little blog with various things, interesting and not so interesting at all.

Friday, February 22, 2013

europe tour

i feel like i should write it down, the real tourbook of pascal pinon.. if that doesn't sound too silly

we started yesterday, thursday 21st of february the travel party consists of jófríður (who is writing this), ásthildur and tour manager and uncle kjartan. we are really lucky to have him with us because our dad couldn't make it because of school and work and all that. it's so good to have someone who you know well , and is ready to take off so much time just to help you follow your dreams

we spent until 2 am the night before, just packing all the gear up. then we had to wake up at 4 am to drive to the airport, so we were really tired when we reached frankfurt. nontheless we were really glad that it all worked out, we got the car and were ready to drive.

our first stop was in darmstadt. the gps lady voice in our car sent us straight to the venue (although we took a few extra loops because the directions were so confusing, we understand it much better now)

we were even a bit early so we had time to look around. we found an organic coffee house, where i freaked out because everything was vegan and made of spelt and soy milk. i wanted to buy everything there and send it to iceland, we are so behind with everything like that. especially compared to germany that is truly a bio heaven!

the venue was in a secret location. the concert was organized by bedroomdisco so it was not really in a venue, it was an office that they changed completely. we first thought it was in this place:

 but it was actually in this place:

here we are posing outside the venue

the show was really wonderful, we even played two extra songs !

we were quite tired afterwards so it was lovely to come to dominik's house and fall asleep. we told him we would wake up at 9 in the morning, but of course that was way too optimistic.but the sleep was good. here we are the morning after with dominik and amy schmidt who played with us.

before leaving darmstadt we shot a video with bedroomdisco tv in a really really cool antique shop. here we are surrounded by cameras and weird stuff.

on our way to karlsruhe we stopped in heidelberg and met dominique, kjartan's friend. he invited us in for coffee and cakes.

and here is our venue in karlsruhe, nun café. this is the place where we sleep tonight, it has these super cool stairs

the concert was wonderful, we were the only band playing and everybody was very quiet and interested in the music. we feel incredibly grateful to everyone organizing and helping out and of course everyone that has come to our shows. this is one great beginning for a tour!

all the loveliest
jófríður (& the gang)